Movement Heals

FEB_5800No matter what your age and physical condition, regular exercise and good nutrition will always improve the quality of your life. My exercise instruction is creative, challenging and fun.

You will always come away, having learning something new about your body.

Prevention by Building Functional Bodies
All of my clients have one thing in common, they want to have bodies that function well and are free from pain. My exercise programs focus on strengthening the body in a way that helps the whole body to function better, not just look better.

Functional exercise is nothing new, and it is not a fad.  It is simply movement that requires the entire body to be present.

Too often, exercise is focused on working one muscle group at a time.  This can be appropriate and necessary, if your intention is to rehabilitate one area of the body.  But to work the body in this way FEB_5876over time, weakens the body… it disconnects the wiring.  You end up with a body that might look good but all the individual “parts” don’t know how to “think” together.  Over time, this cripples the very systems your body needs to stay healthy, your nervous system and your immune system.

Every type of exercise employed in my client’s sessions are on some level, functional.  I draw from wide range of exercises in order to convey teachings to my clients.  I also apply concepts of Chinese medicine to my exercise routines, helping my clients return to a balanced state of health and to feel restored, not depleted after exercise.

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