Clinical Supervision
“Renée has developed a rare and unique ability to know her patients very very deeply, intuitively, and yet rooted in traditional wisdom.   That translates in the treatment room as being able to understand her patients at their very core, and, from that place crafting treatments that move them greatly on a body, mind, and spirit level.  Renée’s rapport and connection to her patients also reflects a deep wisdom, tempered with a light-hearted joy that makes her so well balanced, and clearly well-suited to this work.”
Kaya Larson, Clinic Supervisor, Tai Sophia Institute

Personal Experience Working with Renée
Her exercises are carefully chosen to match rising levels of competence, whether in the water of a lap pool, or on land.  Renée is a delight to be with in terms of her personality, generosity, and gentle humor.  One quickly comes to respect her knowledge and experience, and to accept her guidance.  She has taught me much that has changed my life in important ways and will remain with me.

Self-destructive eating behavior
“Through treatment, I am no longer destructive to my body with food.  I am more thoughtful in my choices and even more observant of the impact of food on my body as a whole, from allergies to intestines and then some.”

Guillain Barre Syndrome
“Renée took a holistic approach to my condition, addressing body and spirit!  The sessions were always varied and structured to address where I was on that day and the specific areas of pain; each session built upon the other as I became stronger and my reflexes re-emerged.  Renée’s sessions served as the foundation for my recovery and, her encouragement, essential on those days that I struggled to see any improvement.” Kristin (age 41)

Restless Leg Syndrome
In our first session, she showed me a simple stretch to all but eliminate an annoying case of Restless Leg Syndrome. B. G.

Knee replacement surgery
Renée Thibault is a thoroughly professional, highly trained personal trainer and acupuncturist. She is skilled in relieving pain and strengthening joints and muscles. Renée has been treating me for severe lower back discomfort (stenosis), as well as guiding my recovery from knee replacement surgery.
Scar treatment
“I had a C-section scar that was several inches wide and horizontal just above my pubic bone.  That entire region has been numb as if asleep since the birth of my child for nearly five years.  After one scar treatment, the area has feeling and sensation.” A.H.

Back pain and fibromyalgia
“…my friends refer to Renee THIBAULT as their “trainer” but I see her more as a true health expert. She really seems to tailor her work to each individual, going very slow with exercises with me. She concentrates on stretches and training you to concentrate on the core breathing and tightening of stomach muscles, which, as you know are key in building strength in your back. Believe me, this is a work out  and not entirely free from “no pain no gain” but she is very careful about this. In addition she does acupuncture and having had this before by even Chinese experts I get better results from her than from anyone. She is trained in the overall concept of various modalities to work with the body. Sometimes, especially after acupuncture, I am very tired and build in some rest time after. And the stretching and use of long moribund muscles also creates aches, But I have stayed with it and notice that this aspect diminishes and I feel stronger. M.M.

“Spiritual Connections”
“I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to needles.  Part of my healing was around getting comfortable feeling my own vulnerability in my body and mind.  Every session with Renée was an infusion of pure nurturing.  She can be tough on my whiny side, always encouraging me to forge ahead into the trusting unknown.  I trusted her because she is such a thorough professional.  Having a spiritual practice is an important part of my life.  I really appreciate someone who can guide me beyond just the body.  During treatments, Renée would share the concept behind some of the points (acupuncture) on a spiritual level.  Recognizing the way my own mind created thoughts and beliefs was a real breakthrough in my treatment.  Simply thinking differently.  Renée is very big on building awareness in a broader sense, as she knows this is the key to move forward.” D.V.

Grief and Loss
“Since the loss of my mother less than five years ago, I had crying bouts throughout each week.  They would come on suddenly and linger for a while.  After treatment with Renée, my spirit is stronger and the depression, sadness, and crying has all but left me.  The thoughts of this behavior do not even bubble up for me any more.”  A.H.

“Never give in to assumptions about age.”
I broke my wrist a few years ago, and realized that I had to exercise more to strengthen my bones and flexibility.  I was in my late sixties, and felt time was running short for turning things around.  I was afraid it was too late.”

“That’s when I started working with Renee.  She was a lifesaver.  She showed me that I COULD COME BACK and to never give in to assumptions about age.  Strength and balance and flexibility are not just a matter of how old you are – and there is a lot more involved than lifting weights.  She has helped me achieve better balance, mobility and – very important – taught me the importance of proper breathing.”

“I have to say now, breaking my wrist was one of the best things that ever happened to me!”  P.O.

Building Bridges Between Mind and Body
Renée brings a coherent philosophy of the human anatomy to her work.  She builds bridges between body and mind.  She describes what is going on inside my body as I stretch and work out. She finds the right words to make her clients focus on their bodies to the exclusion of the rest of the world. B.G.
Educational Speaking
“The way she speaks about exercise is like no one I have ever heard before, and I was really moved by her message.”
Alana Sugar, Certified Nutritionist

“Ms. Thibault is a consummate professional with excellent ethical standards.”
Alexandria Knox L.Ac

“Renée Thibault has fine character and excellent therapeutic skills and will be a wonderful resource to patients.”  Robert Shapero L.Ac
Flexibility with My Body’s Changing Needs
Every time Renee comes, the first thing she asks me is, “How are you?  Anything happening?”  That is my cue to tell her of the pain in my knee when I stepped off a curb yesterday, or the fact that I ran out of steam before finishing my half hour on the treadmill.  She immediately adjusts the day’s workout.  It is never the same, because – as she has taught me – my body’s needs are never the same.

What she has also taught me is to pay attention to the connection between mind and body. My mind will tell me I can’t do something and, time after time, I learn that, yes, I can.  Breathing connects mind and body.  I could read that one hundred times and it would mean nothing.  But with Renee’s coaching, I know how true it is.  And it has opened up a new world for me.
P. O.

Clinical Supervision
“I am continually impressed with the quality of the relationships Renée establishes and maintains with her clients and colleagues, and the creativity and insight she displays in planning and conducting her treatments.  I am also impressed with the thoroughness and quality of the resources Renée has developed to support her work in the clinic as well as the extra training she has undertaken to compliment her learning and experience at Tai Sophia.”
Ed Sweeney, Clinic Supervisor, Tai Sophia Institute

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